The Early Stages,

When we crossed the finish line of the 2010 Peking To Paris rally our joint reaction was never again! Our 1936 Rolls Royce had tested our patience with over 20 punctures and an alternator failure. But here we are in2016  ready to go again. This time we are taking a 1927 Nash Roadster. We decided that the Rolls was too heavy and complex for vintage car rallying. We acquired the Nash in California in 2012 and were hoping to take her we call her Ruby incidentally on a Trip across South America. Unfortunately during pre rally trials she blew a big end bearing  which in retrospect was fortunate, better here at home than in the mountains of Bolivia! Since then Ruby has been extensively modified and rebuilt.The engine and transmission have been completely overhauled, the radiator was recored and an overflow tank fitted.A modern alternator was installed and new wiring for the spotlight, turn indicators etc. A new lighter hood was made, storage boxes installed on the running boards, a roll bar bolted to the frame, new more supportive seats and seat belts fitted, 2 long  range fuel tanks were crammed into the rear compartment along with new fuel filters and pumps. More to come in the next instalment.!

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