Whilst Lloyd is busy working on the car I have been handling the paperwork. For a rally as long as this one there is quite a lot of form filling and scanning to be done! So far we have renewed Driver’s licences as China issues us all with a Chinese licence when we arrive. As Lloyd will be 70 we have had to pay $250 for a licence to cover him for the few days we are there. Passports, visas, shipping etc. The list goes on! In a later post I will cover this in more detail. Since my last post Lloyd has added two coils on the firewall, replaced the carburetor from an updraft Marvel to a down draft Rochester, new electrical windscreen wipers as opposed to vacuum, new tires and new rims.Every extraneous piece of trim has been removed including the bumper  bars. Weight is a huge factor. A spare leaf spring has been installed in place of the front bumper and a stone guard for the radiator. In all hundreds of hours of work and dollars have been lavished on Ruby.

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