Tools and Spares

Now comes the difficult task of choosing what and what not to take on the trip. Last time we had a much larger car and so consequently we took far too much with us. I think we could have run our own mechanical truck! Weight is crucial on these rallies so less is more is the rule. My task is to record where everything is in the car so I put every tool and spare part into a notebook and have a code as to where they all are. The trouble I found last time around was that we didn’t put everything back in the same spot. Often if you were in a hurry on the road going to a time trial we would throw it all in the car and take off. This time I hope it will be better organised.I also find it useful to know the name of every part and tool! Nothing worse than being stranded in some remote part of the world and not knowing what ‘snips’ are! It can cause unnecessary friction between the driver and navigator believe me!!

2 thoughts on “Tools and Spares

  1. Bruce Power

    You are so organised. We starting packing the car the day before taking it for shipping and Bruce was still working on it until it was loaded on the trailer. A few remaining spares and the tools we couldn’t find will be going with us in our hand luggage. What could ever go wrong with this approach! Perhaps your previous experience tells you a thing or two.
    Bruce and Jill and Red Dog: Car 39


    1. treddington Post author

      I am sure you are as organised as I am! It will probably all fall apart once we are on the road! Look forward to meeting you in Beijing, cheers Treacy and Lloyd



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