Last week we drove Ruby to Vancouver for her long awaited voyage to China.We shall next see her in the warehouse in Beijing assuming all goes well. Now that we no longer have the car to keep us occupied our minds must now turn to applying for the visas. This time we only need three, China, Russia and Belarus. However all three countries require letters of invitation and the Russian form is long! They need to know where you have travelled in the last ten years and date of entry. The ancient brains here have been working overtime. We shall keep our fingers crossed that they will be processed within the next three weeks.


1 thought on “Shipping

  1. Lesley Stockwell

    The hardest thing about picking up Ruby will , no doubt , be finding the port garages! Remember 2010?
    We send all best wishes for a storming rally for you three and hope the tent works well with no sand storms etc.
    We look forward to seeing you in Paris-yay!
    Lesley and Nicholas



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