Day One Great Wall

After a sleepless night and breakfasting at 5am. we drove the 60kms. to the Great Wall at Badaling for the start of the rally. Chinese drummers and dragon dancers welcomed us and there was certainly an air of excitement and some trepidation as we line up in position. Being #8 we were flagged off at 8.04 and we were on our way. It has been sometime since I have done any navigating and was worried I had forgotten especially with a new GPS but all went well. It was a good day apart from the huge numbers of trucks on the roads belching out black smoke as they struggled up the hills with us trying to over take when we could. We had a nice clean lunch stop and then drove on to the hanging monasteries at Datong. Quite spectacular to see and well worth the climb to the top. Unfortunately I had only my point and shoot camera with me which decided to die when reached the top! The funny thing is that this is the camera we bought six years ago in Ulaan Batar because our previous one gave up the ghost in Datong!!  Tomorrow we head for Erenhot and the next day we shall be in Mongolia. Ruby ran brilliantly today and so far no punctures!

3 thoughts on “Day One Great Wall

  1. Lesley Stockwell

    Great news-good start all three of you. It’s great go get going at last and it must be pleasant running early in the field? Sleep well and eat carefully. Give Andy our love and tell him to avoid the streams on this trip…..Lesley


  2. Pip

    So glad Ruby is running well and that you have not lost your skills. Obviously Datong is not a place to be photographed! Enjoy!



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