Camping and Time Trials

Shortly before noon yesterday we arrived in the beautiful Gobi Dessert. However as soon as we were on the track we had to tackle two time trials! Now when it has been four yeas since your last rally panic sets in . Can I remember how to bring up the waypoints? Can I give Lloyd quick enough directions? We set of on the first trial driving as fast as we could over stones and sandy tracks, the problem being which track should we take! We were doing well when suddenly we realised that we going further  away from the waypoint. We decided to head across to join the right track but had drifted completely off course. Then Mark Buchanan in his Mustang appeared he had lost all his waypoints in his GPS but knew where the check in was. So we led him to the check in and both cars managed to get clocked in in time! The next trial we did really went well so we were pleased and headed off to the campsite.

At least it is light here in the evenings and we had time to get the tent well organised and have time for a beer befor dinner. Then we were entertained by Bruce and Harry Washington, father and son from Australia on the bagpipes! Rather weird being in Mongolia and singing Waltzing Matilda to bagpipes! Lloyd and I were both tired so settled down in the tent for what we hoped would be a good nights sleep. Somebody decided to work on their car and was constantly revving the engine. At midnight somebody shouted( cannot repeat the words) that he should turn off the engine which thankfully he did and we could at last get some sleep. Today we had three more time trials and we did well for us at least again. Now we are in Ulan Bataar for a rest day, heaven!


7 thoughts on “Camping and Time Trials

  1. Mary Lou Lake (Jeanne's sister)

    I just wanted you to know that we are following your adventure here in NS! Looking forward to more posts. Safe travels!


  2. John Hastie

    Hi Treacy,
    Don’t know if you remember me, but I was the riding mechanic/navigator in car 34, the MGSA from Australia on the 2010 P2P. We had dinner together in Viareggio!
    I have only just discovered your blog and will now be checking in daily and following your and Lloyd’s adventures. I remember only too well how tough it was to finish the rally for the day, maintain the car, then upload photos and the blog, so I thoroughly appreciate your effort here. Keep it coming!!
    Stay safe – John Hastie


    1. treddington Post author

      Hi John, yes we remember you well. How nice to hear from you. Going well so far but now 7 nights of camping!! Will update blog if possible in Russia. Cheers Treacy


  3. Jean Hollingworth

    Loving your blog and laughing about the ambulance and the bagpipes. Good for you for writing this at the end of long days.We are following your trip with great interest. Happy travels and best of luck ,Jean and Alan


  4. Ron

    I’ve following along with bated breath, breath, but from your times it looks like it has all gone well. there is a great pic of you and the car topping the day 12 rally report. The car looks in great shape, and amazingly clean. I’ve been wondering how you coped with the river crossings, and if the hubs got wet, and needed re-greasing. Hope it continues to go well.


  5. Lesley Stockwell

    congratulations to Treacy, Lloyd, Ron and Ruby for preparing and driving a car so well.. Your times have been terrific. Well done-and no punctures??

    Enjoy the hotel when you get there!




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