Gobi Dessert

We left the border town of Erenhot in China yesterday morning and after the usual border wait we entered Mongolia. We certainly remembered the border towns from our last visit but China especially has changed so much in the past six years. Huge growth, many new high rise apartments and now very few bicycles except in rural areas. Everybody has a cell phone and are mad about taking photos of the car. In fact they are terrible drivers and pull up close to take a photo and then drive slowly in front for more views. The funniest moment was when an ambulance came from behind with sirens blaring and lights flashing, it then pulled in front of us and slowed down! We thought perhaps the patient was not doing too well but after a  kilometre we decided to overtake whereupon the paramedics all lent out of the windows to take photographs and then carried on their way at a fast speed!! I was glad I was not the patient. Later in the day we reached the Gobi!

1 thought on “Gobi Dessert

  1. Lesley

    Well done . You are posting very good times . Keep it up.
    Life is bizarre- I write en route to Glyndebourne opera and see pictures of your Gobi tent!



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