Well here we are in Novosibirsk, our third day in Russia. My first impression will always be the enthusiasm of the Russian people for this rally. Crowds of people along the roads as we come through and even in small villages they were standing in the pouring rain waving and cheering us along! The first of the serious time trials started two days ago. These are a series of timed passages between places and hard on the cars. We did all the trials the first day but our car is slow compared to many of the others and we only have three gears which makes going up hill difficult. The classic cars of course are very powerful and even if you pull over to let them pass they will not slow down and you are constantly covered in stones and dust ! We did complete all the trials but had been thinking that it was putting a lot of strain on Ruby and our main goal is to get to Paris. Yesterday we were discussing at breakfast what to do. To maintain the gold medal status you have to compete in every trial. Neither of us wanted to make the decision to take it easier. However the decision was made for us one hour into the day, our brakes failed and we narrowly missed crashing into a truck ! We pulled over and Lloyd discovered that we had lost a spring that connects the brake pedal to the rod( my mechanical knowledge is lacking here) anyway we realised we had to have it fixed. As we were under the car , car 31 pulled up, Ruth and Steve Lambert from Australia, they had just lost their clutch and they have had so many problems. We called the mechanics and they arrived and managed to fix our brake problem, unfortunately car 31 ended up on a truck. Because of the time it took to fix our car we missed the time trial so now we are at silver which is fine with us. We will continue to compete but if we miss a trial it will not be so important. Novosibirsk is an industrial city here in Siberia. We are in the central part and parking for the rally is in the Opera House parking lot. The Opera house is very impressive and was built during the Second World War.Tonight there are two concerts one outdoor and the other in the Opera house which we hope to attend. At the moment Lloys is in a garage checking over the car, switching wheels and fixing a shock absorber!

3 thoughts on “Russia

  1. Margaret RobertsOn

    So pleased to be able to follow you. Continue to take care! So many people at Probus following you.
    Margaret and Duncan


  2. Peter and Helen Malcolm

    What an adventure you are having. We can understand you wanting to keep your gold status, but perhaps it is easier now that you are ‘silver’ and don’t have to push your vehicle as much.
    Peter & Helen



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