Ulan Bataar and on to Russia

We have been without Internet connection for the last week so here is an update on what the rally has been up to . We left Ulan Bataar after a ceremonial send off in the main square. Lloyd and I were surprised when the Canadian Ambassador arrived to send us on our way. He had heard there was a Canadian entry and came to see if we needed anything. I believe we were the only country to have their Ambassador there! We then started the most toughest of the rally days. Seven nights of camping and extremely rough road conditions. Ruby managed very well and we maintained our gold status throughout so we were very happy. Not so for many of the other crews who suffered damage to their cars. Three cars rolled over with no harm to the crews, but some shaken contestants. We had a very deep water crossing where they towed some cars and the tow rope broke and one or two cars had water damage.  The campsites on the whole were good but one night some rather drunk local Mongolians came into camp and the Nomads the camp organizers tried to control them. However in the end the police arrested half the Nomad team and the local people and so we had sparse food the next morning.Mongolia is such a beautiful country. It is unspoiled and there are stil Nomadic tribes with their herds of goats and cattle on the plains. This time we travelled a different route and the scenery was less desert and because of recent wet weather very green with lovely spring flowers.

We crossed in to Russia, the border crossing slow as usual and arrived at the next camp ground to find that the camp had had to be moved ,there was one shower for two hundred people which in fact was a bucket to pour over yourself and three washrooms with flapping  plastic curtains so one could see all! The Altai area is beautiful and we had a concert by local people depicting the various ethnic groups in the region. Kazak and Russian. I will continue about Russia in the next post. Unfortunately I only have photographs on my camera for this part which I cannot download to the I pad. But will have some in the next few days.


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