First of all thank you to everyone for all your messages of support.Unfortunately I don’t have time to reply individually but they mean a lot to us. We left this very nice city early Sunday morning. Quite the send off with crowds cheering us along the way. The day started warm and sunny but later in the day we were hit with torrential rain. Of course this is always the point when the windscreen wipers decide to quit and I now know t he real meaning of multi tasking. The rain was pouring in through the roof and so I was manually working the wipers, cleaning the inside of the screen to prevent fogging, finding the waypoint, zeroing the tripometer and at the same time yelling directions to Lloyd to turn right or left !!

The landscape here in Siberia is very similar to Alberta and the Prairies. Vast fields  and also muskeg and trees. We covered 700 Kms. to arrive in Omsk last night and a further 700 Kms today. The car is going well and seems to be popular with the other crews. This is the first time that a Nash has competed and so far she has done us proud. We are both tired with the long distances but doing well. More tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Novosibirsk

  1. Ruth Lambert

    Hi Treacy and Lloyd
    Good to see you are going well.
    We headed off from Noversibirsk for the second time today and alas, more problems. Car is back at the mechanics. If we can get it right I think we will have to look at putting it on the train in order to catch up with the Rally..,
    Best wishes
    See you soon
    Ruth & Steve


    1. treddington Post author

      Hi Ruth and Steve, we have been asking about you ? Sorry to hear you had to return yet again. You haven’t missed much. Long driving days, most tests cancelled either to bad weather or local police not allowing the timed sections.We have had torrential rain both days . I do hope you can catch us up soon, we miss you both. Take care and let us know where you are , Treacy and Lloyd


  2. Kathie Mallett

    Hi Treacy and Lloyd, we’re following your adventure with great interest. My morning routine now is to read the daily reports and look for your blogs. Glad that the brake problem did not cause the very worst outcome. So, hang in there Ruby and we send our best wishes for lots of strength for multi tasking on the way to Paris. Kathie and Fred in Victoria.


  3. Kit

    You two are doing great, as is Ruby (except for the wipers). Joanne and I are enjoying your adventure. Stay strong.


  4. Lesley Stockwell

    well judging by the replies above Treacy, no-one can multi task better than you!
    So very well done to you and Lloyd and Ruby. Brilliant perseverance, we are urging you on. Shame about the weather, it’s no better here..


  5. Curran

    Hi Treacy and Lloyd. Reading your blog gives us light relief from the political meltdown of the Brexit vote and the Tory and Labour internal wars!! So glad to hear that Ruby is holding up well, even if she did loose the spring in her step! Keep up the good work. Much love. Terry and Penny. Ps. Any car that blows up should be called a Boris!


  6. Joan Taylor

    Hi Treacy! See who is battling this machine so I can follow your wonderful activities, send my congratulations as well as those from cousin Lindsay who saw Ruby when he visited fromAukland two years ago.keep it up and enjoy.Love Joan.



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