Just a quick update will write a full account of the last few days later.Yesterday  afternoon Ruby said enough I need a rest. !! We bent a push rod due to lack of lubrication. With help from Max Stephenson and the rally mechanics we jury rigged a lubrication  line which we hope will work until we get to Budapest. So we shall drive carefully for he next three days. It could have been much worse! We arrived at a great hotel in Minsk at 10 pm.covered in engine oil! Must be good for the skin. More later.

7 thoughts on “Ruby

  1. Pat McGeachy

    Hope things go well with Ruby at least until you get to Budapest. From the reports, it sounds like a great adventure. Enjoy. Pat and Al


  2. Carole and mayne mccutcheon

    Hope this is the last ” injury” that Ruby suffers. Keep up the great work. Am anxious to hear if Engine oil is as effective as coconut oil. Cheers and carry on


  3. llwightman

    Good ole’ Max! Please say “hello” him and Julie for me.
    I saw in the rally report that you guys had a problem. I had my fingers crossed!! I also saw another photo of Ruby in one of the posts. That is one good looking car! I sure hope you can get that push rod issue sorted out.


  4. Kit Raetsen

    I saw on the rally site that you had troubles and high hopes for it to be a small issue. Hope you can get it fixed in Budapest. On a lighter note, hope someone got a picture of you two covered in oil : )
    Great picture of Ruby on the rally site.
    Good luck and stay safe. k&j



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