What a pleasant surprise it was to cross into Belarus and drive through some of the most beautiful countryside we have seen so far. Neat farms some communal we suspected, lovely little farmhouses and yes horses and carts. The road structure is amazing with new roads and highways and a toll system for the roads with an automated receiver mounted in the car!

We  started our day with some time trials on some closed tracks in the country and then arrived for lunch where we were honoured in the town square with masses of people again! After a lunch served in a restaurant complete with crystal chandeliers we left to travel on to Minsk. This is where Ruby decided to make rather awful noises and as you now know we had to fix the push rod. Since then she has been going well but will need some repairs in Budapest. Our hotel in Minsk was stunning, five star luxury but unfortunately the day was long and most crews arrived after 9pm. with an early start the next day so not enough time to enjoy the luxury. We then travelled onto Brest stopping on the way for lunch in the lovely town of Mir,we had Draniki , freshly cooked potato pancakes which were delicious and a change from a hard boiled egg from breakfast eaten in the car! Arriving in Brest we visited the Memorial Tower commemorating  the Second World War. This was a very moving place with the tomb of the unknown soldier and a huge sculpture towering over the top. They had also built the whole area around the ruins of the houses, some still standing with bullet holes in the walls. We then headed for our hotel which was in complete contrast to the night before. 1960’s Soviet block, oddly furnished and terrible food! This morning it took three hours to clear the border from Belarus into Poland. We are now ready for a good meal and a beer.

4 thoughts on “Belarus

  1. John Derksen

    I am glad you have the pushrod issue resolved for the moment, that scared me, reading about the lubrication problem. Hope you’ll get Ruby all fixed up in Minsk for the rest of the way. Good luck!


  2. John Derksen

    I am glad to read that you have the pushrod issue resolved for the time being, that scared me when I read about the lubrication problem. Hope you’ll get Ruby in tip top shape in Budapest for the rest of the way.


  3. Carole and mayne mccutcheon

    Keep up the good work. Your families here at home are getting excitedly geared up to greet you in Paris. Carole and Mayne



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