The Grand Finale

Just an update to my last post. We finished the rally driving the entire route in a Skoda rental car. We were also able to carry spare parts and some baggage for the other crews which made us feel a little better. The route through the Dolomites and Alps was stunning . We had wanted to have Ruby in Paris and had contacted Cars UK the shipper in the hopes that they could accomplish that for us. Unfortunately they did not have any trucks in or near the area in Kosice so that was that we thought. We contacted Vladimir the garage owner where the car was being stored and amazingly he offered to bring Ruby to Paris. He and his son drove for three days and we met him approx. 50 Kms.outside Paris. Another Australian crew who we had towed during the rally when they had broken down offered to tow us across the finish line. All was well and we were thrilled to be able to cross the line with our Grandchildren sitting in the car with us. At the Gala Dinner that night we were presented with the Concourse D’elegance for the veteran car division. So in the end a good rally. We would like to thank everyone who followed us on the blog and on the rally websites and a special thank you to all our friends who helped us get there.

5 thoughts on “The Grand Finale

  1. Margaret RobertsOn

    Wonderful entry Treacy. We have been thinking about you as we have been exploring old haunts in the Scottish Borders and wishing we had time to come over to Paris to cheer you in! Ruby still looks great! Enjoy your holiday with the family and we’ll see you soon back in Victoria. Congratulations!!!
    Margaret and Duncan


  2. garnet irwin

    Congratulations, you made it ! Love to see your photos of the family with you in Paris – a very special time.
    Now, have a great holiday together – no stress!
    Love to all, Garnet and Hal


  3. Joan Taylor

    So glad you had some high spots to make up for the bad times.Janet and the will wave to your home as we pass by on the way to the Sooke Fine Arts Show .Rest well and come home safely. Love Joan



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