A hiccup on the way

Today we have to pack the car recording everything for the shipping agent and Chinese Customs. No aerosols, no inflammable liquids, the rules are endless. The paperwork incessant and we still have to obtain our visas for India and Nepal. At least our flights and pre and post rally hotels are all confirmed. Just the train ride from Shanghai to Chengdu to book and the sump guard to install.

I took Ruby to our garage to install the sump guard as he has a pit making the job much easier. Whilst in the pit we noticed a drip of gear box oil coming from the clutch housing. Should this oil get onto the clutch plate it would cause the clutch to slip. There was no alternative but to pull the transmission and replace the seal in the gearbox, Within 36 hours this had been done and the transmission reassembled. A quick test run showed the  clutch working well but the brakes now pulling sharply to the right. Return to the garage showed that a spring on the brake system had inadvertently been left off. That was quickly snapped back into place and the car now stops in a straight line, more or less!

Yesterday Ruby was delivered to the shipping agent in Vancouver. Next time we see Ruby will be in Western China.

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