Getting Ruby ready to go!

Ruby, our 1927 Nash Roadster came home in 2016 from Paris in disgrace having broken down in Poland on our second Peking to Paris Rally. So near yet so far! On return to Canada we found that a small copper pipe within the engine supplying oil to the camshaft had been improperly secured causing it to fracture from vibration. This in turn caused the camshaft to seize thereby stripping the timing gear. All this was duly repaired and test runs carried out. Shortly after the first rebuild the car started making a ‘popping’ sound under load. The car seemed to lack power on hills and the noise became progressively worse.

A second strip down of the engine showed a leaky exhaust valve on the 6th cylinder. This time we used a different engine rebuilder and had the cylinder head remachined and the valves reseated. With the help of Ron a good friend the engine was once again reassembled. Bingo, this time all seems well. We took the car on a 300Kms tour of South Vancouver Island and apart from a fuel pump failing all went well. The fuel pump, we have two, has now been replaced and our local garage did a full service and gave us a clean bill of health.

In a weeks time the car will be shipped to China for the starting point in Chengdu. From there we will cross the Himalayas to Nepal.

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