Only A few days to go

Why is it when you have known about this rally for a year or more that you are now running around like a March hare! We have been extremely busy during the last few weeks organizing our visas, hotels and other paperwork. The visa for China was a concern for us especially with the relationship between Canada and China at the present time and we had heard that as from January 1st. 2019 all Canadians had to be finger printed at a Chinese Embassy before departure. We duly made an appointment to visit the visa office in Vancouver and were pleasantly surprised when they told us our visas that we had obtained in 2016 were in fact valid for 7 years so the  was not required and further more we need not be finger printed! The visas for Nepal and India were easier to obtain so in that respect all is well. Lloyd and I are flying to Shanghai and stopping there for three days and then we are taking the bullet train to Chengdu where we shall meet the rest of the participants and hopefully will be reunited with Ruby! Trying to book the train tickets proved a little more difficult . We tried to book them on line but found it hard to book direct without going through a tour company who then wanted our entire itinerary . We eventually found a Chinese travel agency in Victoria who liaised   with a colleague in Shanghai and hopefully our tickets will be waiting at our hotel, fingers crossed.

Now it is just the photocopying of all our documents, registering with the Canadian government travel section and picking up our prescriptions. We are taking the usual suspects , antibiotics, pain killers etc.and also Diamox which is used to help prevent altitude sickness. Packing our clothes will be the last thing and then April 12th we fly To Shanghai and the beginning of yet another adventure. We shall keep you posted when we can.

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