Vancouver To Shanghai

Well we eventually made it to Shanghai . We first arrived in Beijing where the passport and visa process went very smoothly and being old has it’s advantages! People over 70 did not have to be finger printed. As we had a very quick connection to Shanghai we were told twice by Air Canada staff that our bags were checked through to Shanghai. Well we waited in Shanghai until the baggage carousel had stopped turning and of course there were no bags for the Reddington’s. However they did  catch up with us the next day which was a relief .We spent a lovely three days in the city which has grown enormously since we were there in 2005. Huge skyscrapers on one side of the river but they have maintained the lovely old Art Deco buildings on the Bund which was  where our hotel was situated. Yesterday we left the hotel at 7am to to go the train station in Shanghai to take the bullet train to Chengdu . The main road to the station was closed and the cab driver swore and cursed and we thought we would miss the train but eventually he dropped us off and there we were with all our luggage and all the signs in Chinese. We did manage to find our way and found ourselves in a waiting area with several hundred people, mainly,  in fact all Chinese. Fifteen minutes before the train was due to leave the gates opened and we pushed and shoved our way down the stairs and onto the train. We had been told that we would be sharing a 4 berth cabin for the 12 hour journey which I was not happy about but we were pleasantly surprised when we found we had a 2 berth carriage with a lovely gold brocade sofa! However after 12 hours we could could hardly move as the seats and bed were so hard! We were extremely glad to be met in Chengdu and brought to the hotel. We are now awaiting the delivery of Ruby and keeping our fingers crossed that she starts!

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