Lhasa At Last

We finally arrived here yesterday after a somewhat difficult start this morning. Lloyd thought that Ruby was not sounding quite right and it was obvious after we climbed to 4067m that something was seriously wrong . I went into the monastery (description later) and when I came out there were 4 mechanics Rudi also a participant who has helped us so much and a group of local policeman around the car. We had in fact broken 2 rocker arms for those of you who understand car mechanics. These vital pieces to the car’s running must be replaced. Luckily we had bought 2 spares with us! Then the next problem was the rocker arm has a ball bearing and in the process of repairing one had dropped into the engine bay, so more had to be taken apart to locate it. The final straw was that one existing rocker arm did not have a ball bearing at all! What to do. Then a policeman stepped out of the group and ran off only to come back with the correct size bearing! Great cheers all around, after about 4 hours of work in the midday heat we were off and running to the The Shangri La hotel for 3 nights. What bliss.
The monastery we visited was the first one in Tibet, named Samye. It was built in 762. It is the centre of Tibetan Buddhism. I have been lucky enough in my life time to visit many temples and monasteries but this one left me and most of our rally feeling very calm and I think enlightened. I will try to include a few photos, but seem to be having trouble uploading them at present.This afternoon we shall be visiting the old area of Tibet and tonight I have organized a traditional Tibetan dinner for 6 of us. Tomorrow we will be going to the Potala Palace!

2 thoughts on “Lhasa At Last

  1. Pat Watt

    I can’t imagine replacing rocker arms on the street. That police officer will be telling his story of saving the day for ever. I’m loving this holiday.



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