Potala Palace

Ever since a young child I have been fascinated by Tibet and most of all by the photos seen in old geography books of the Potala Palace. Well this morning we had our visit there and it didn’t disappoint. One can only enter on a timed ticket which is for one hour only. However the climb to the top of the palace requires a good constitution as there are many steps to climb and in the lighter air you had to rest before ascending the next flight. A very good workout! Inside there are many rooms, tombs and shrines to the previous Dalai Lama’s. The amount of gold was staggering. Unfortunately no photos were allowed. Last night 8 of us went out for a Tibetan dinner recommended to us by the hotel. Lovely food when it arrived but as we were the only non locals and nobody spoke English nor we Tibetan it was all ordered by phone using translation! It went like this “ We would also like some vegetables? The answer would come back “ the tube station is around the corner on Beijing street” Or “ what kind of meat do you have” Answer “heaven is above earth is below” Welaughed so much along with the waiters but we had a very good evening and experienced the local colour. Tomorrow we are off to

Western Tibet and the beginning of the more rugged part of the trip. Will be in touch when I can.

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