Nearly There!

Since I last posted quite a lot has happened. Unfortunately we have be unable to connect to wifi for sometime although if you have been following the official blog you will have heard some of the news. After leaving Lhasa we set off for Everest base camp or as close as we were allowed to go. The Tibet side is closed to climbers and all others at the present time but we did get within 20 Kms. of the wonderful mountain and on a clear day! There is a certain magic about seeing her in all her glory and imagining people currently climbing from the Nepal side. After that it was off to camp for three nights. I have never been so cold. When we awoke in the morning (for those who could sleep) there was ice on the inside of the tent and all our water was frozen solid. Rudi and Helga from Germany are driving a Land Rover and the diesel froze solid overnight.There were no washing facilities and the wind was wicked. Apparently it was -15 but that did not take in the wind chill factor. We packed up camp and then sent off over sand, rocks and hills to the next camp site. After two nights of this the organizers found us a hotel for the third. We were all very grateful.We next visited a spectacular sight. The ruins of the Guge kingdom in the most western part of Tibet. This kingdom was built on sand stone with caves built into the mountain. Some of the original paintings and Buddahas remain .It was quite a climb to the top but Lloyd and I did manage it. We were certainly the oldest up there! Now we are in Jilong having climbed the pass this morning. We are very close to the Nepal border and we should arrive in Katmandu and the end of the rally tomorrow. šŸ˜€ At present we are waiting for water in the hotel which we all need as we are covered in dust and dirt. I will do another report when we arrive in India and have three whole days to relax! Ruby has been going well and we shall keep our fingers crossed until we cross the finish line.C00583C7-0410-4642-AB9E-D4BE01D3CBA7

2 thoughts on “Nearly There!

  1. Lesley

    oh well done! congratulations to the old girl and her intrepid crew. we are so proud of all three of you.
    Lesley and Nicholas



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