The Broken Road to Katmandu

We awoke with great enthusiasm this morning as this was our last day in Tibet and we had to be at the border crossing by 9am.when it opened. After being separated into drivers and navigators we made our way to the first security check to leave Tibet.We were thoroughly searched and some people had books confiscated such as Lonely Planet, Seven Years In Tibet and all maps were scrutinized.We then had to walk across the bridge into Nepal. There was quite a change in the buildings and the efficiency but I think we were all pleased to leave China! When the drivers arrived we set off for Katmandu. The road was unbelievable! I think some due to the lack of repairs but also due to the earthquake a few years ago. It took us 16 hours to do 160 Kms. We passed through many military and police checkpoints which also took time. By the time the sun went down we still had about 60kms to go. The electrics in the car had failed so we had no GPS or headlights. I tried in vain to operate the GPS on batteries but that also failed so we were left with a flashlight and road book to follow. The amount of trucks and traffic on the road was un believable and the dust and dirt from the road and the trucks exhaust was something I never again want to experience. I should also add that the road was twisty with huge drop offs and in the dark I did a lot of praying as We rounded each bend. Finally we arrived at the hotel in Katmandu at around 10 pm. tired, dirty, my hair was black from the dirt and very hungry

having survived on fruit drops all day. There was much enjoyment and relief when the last car arrived and we were all safe.
It has been an amazing journey across the Himalayas, one we will never forget. I would have to say that it was as difficult as the Peking To Paris. We travelled with a wonderful group of people and will treasure every moment, even the camping!

2 thoughts on “The Broken Road to Katmandu

  1. Heather Gartshore

    Oh my gosh, what an adventure! Those roads are something else. Looking forward to your return and hearing more stories 🙂



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