The Route Trans Himalayan

The Trans Himalayan adventure starts in Chengdu and then travels west to the Tibetan plateau. We have a couple of rest days in Lhasa where we hope to visit the Dalai  Lama’s Summer Palace.After a detour to Everest base camp we again head west into an area of Tibet rarely visited by Westerners. We have opted to take the more rugged central route which means camping for three nights as there is no accommodation! The roads were described in the recce report as ‘real car breakers’ and at an altitude of over 5000 metres will severely test the car and the passengers. It is probably one of the most remote areas anywhere in the world. Once we reach Zhada we turn east and then south heading for the Nepal border at Jilong. Here we may encounter snow as the pass is at 5250 metres. Once over the border we drop down into Kathmandu and the farewell dinner.